Kimco Printing


Short Run Book Printing is more efficient and less stressful when you use
KIMCO On Demand Printers. You can replenish out-of-stock titles in
smaller quantities (50, 100, 500, or 1000 plus) or test market your new
book titles at a competitive cost.

Shorter delivery times

  • Quickly reprint titles when inventory is low or demand
    exceeds forecasts

No more unsold stock

  • Save on storage expense
  • Avoid the high cost of inventory

Easy last-minute changes

  • Update content more often with shorter runs
  • Order advanced high quality full color critique copies

Multiple binding options: Perfect Binding, Plastic Spiral Binding or Wire-O Binding

Our professional systems, personalized service and support compliment
our years of experience to make our long-term vision possible -- Printing
that is easy, available and competitive -- On Demand!